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About BWCI

Established in 1979 the BWCI Group is the largest firm of actuaries and consultants in any International Finance Centre globally. We provide a broad range services to our clients based in the Channel Islands, the UK and internationally.

Both Guernsey and Jersey are widely respected as international finance centres with a comprehensive range of financial and investment services. They each have their own legislation and have strong but fair regulation and supervision. As a result the Channel Islands are an ideal location in which to conduct business.

News from BWCI

Individual Trustees - Are you registered?

Carl Hansen

We have by now probably all experienced the impact of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local equivalent rules on our daily lives – more emails seeking permission to remain on mailing lists, more boxes to tick for activity on the internet, more things to agree to when checking into hotels, … A less conspicuous aspect of the new data protection rules is the impact on trustees of various employee benefit plans.

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Good Scheme Secretaries

Erin Bisson

A pension scheme secretary is much more than just a minute taker. In a landscape with increasing focus on good governance, having an effective scheme secretary in place can help ensure a well-governed, efficient scheme and optimise member outcomes.

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Trustees’ Training Needs

Carl Stanford

The UK Pensions Regulator recently released a consultation on the “Future of Trusteeship and Governance” and noted that there is a broad consensus across the pensions industry that good governance is essential for positive outcomes for pension savers. However, the Regulator’s evidence suggests that some schemes -particularly small ones- fall short of the standards expected. While the consultation relates to UK schemes, the importance of trustees having a good understanding of their scheme and the key issues is equally important for schemes more generally.

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