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About BWCI

Established in 1979 the BWCI Group is the largest firm of actuaries and consultants in any International Finance Centre globally. We provide a broad range services to our clients based in the Channel Islands, the UK and internationally.

Both Guernsey and Jersey are widely respected as international finance centres with a comprehensive range of financial and investment services. They each have their own legislation and have strong but fair regulation and supervision. As a result the Channel Islands are an ideal location in which to conduct business.

News from BWCI

Data Protection Registrations

Carl Hansen

Both Guernsey and Jersey rang in 2021 with changes to their data protection registration regimes. Data controllers and processors handling personal information will now be required to register and pay an annual levy in January or February of each year. This includes a variety of entities such as trustees (both corporate and groups of individuals), insurance companies and employee benefits administrators.

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BWCI 2021 Bursary

BWCI Group

BWCI is delighted to be able to offer a bursary to a local student once again in 2021.
We are inviting applications from Guernsey resident students with local residential qualifications who have, or are expected to achieve, at least two A grades at A level, one of which must be in maths. Students studying for a degree in maths, economics or degrees with some maths content will be given preference.

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Digital Governance

Carl Stanford

In the midst of a pandemic, with face-to-face trustees’ meetings discouraged, or even prohibited in some places, it is harder for trustees to carry out governance activities in the traditional way. It is important that a scheme’s governance arrangements remain robust at all times, as good governance is paramount to delivering good outcomes for pension scheme members; a well-run scheme is a well-governed scheme. Fortunately there are tools to help.

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