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To apply for any of these positions please submit your CV to Alison Rimington, HR Manager at referencing the position for which you are applying.

Please note due to the unique nature of housing regulation in Guernsey we can only accept applications from Qualified Residents. For more information please visit

Trainee / Administrator

Reference: HR4042

BWCI is looking to recruit a Trainee / Administrator to join our Major Client Team.

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Senior Compliance Analyst

Reference: HR11704

BWCI is looking to recruit a Senior Compliance Analyst to join our Compliance team.

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Compliance Analyst - Temporary

Reference: HR11708

BWCI is looking to recruit a Compliance Analyst to join our Compliance team on a temporary basis..

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Reference: HR14705

BWCI is looking to recruit an administrator to join our Pensions administration team.

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Newly qualified actuary / Actuary

Reference: GR209022

BWCI is looking to recruit an Actuary or Newly qualified actuary to join our Actuarial Pensions team

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Analyst or Actuarial Trainee

Reference: HR11032

BWCI is looking to recruit an Analyst or Actuarial Trainee to join our Pensions Actuarial team

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Senior Employee Benefits Administrator

Reference: HR11141

BWCI is looking to recruit a Senior Employee Benefits Administrator to join our Pensions Administration team

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Data Protection

All applications made either speculatively or in response to advertised vacancies will be kept confidential.

BWCI do not undertake any automated selection process for recruitment. All information provided in the form of a CV or covering letter, be it on paper or electronically submitted, speculatively or for a specific advertised vacancy will be destroyed in keeping with the following time frame.

Candidates not invited for interview – immediately once confirmation of the non-selection has been made.

Candidates invited for interview but not selected – 6 months after notification of non-selection has been made.

Candidates offered a position but choose not to take it up – 6 months after declining the role.

Candidates offered a position and subsequently employed – 6 years after termination of employment.

When a CV is submitted, it is passed only to the recruiting manager(s) involved in the recruitment to the specific position to which it refers. Any processing in relation to any other position will only proceed with the explicit consent of the candidate.

We may from time to time ask candidates to undertake skills testing or psychometric testing as part of a recruitment and selection process. In this case the results from those tests will only be used to inform the selection process, and will be retained in line with the time frames specified above.

It is not the policy of BWCI to screen prospective employees via social media channels, however, we may review a candidates LinkedIn profile.

If you have any questions relating to how we process applications for employment please contact Alison Rimington, Senior Manager, HR.