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The BWCI Group’s undergraduate Bursary Scheme has been specially designed to support local students wishing to study for a degree at university. As well as providing financial support, our bursary students will participate in a structured training programme during their summer vacations, for the duration of their course. The bursary is £2,400 pa and would be payable in three termly instalments of £800 whilst you are at university, in addition to paid work experience.

Is it restricted to particular degree courses?

Students studying for degrees in maths or economics, or degrees with some maths content will be given preference.

Am I guaranteed work experience?

Yes. One of the conditions of the bursary is that you work for us for at least two months during your summer break. You may be able to work for longer periods. However we are also keen that students also take some real holiday too!

What work would I do?

During your paid work experience we aim to provide a structured programme of work so that you get a feel for the work done in our actuarial, pensions administration, trust and accounts teams.

Must I work for BWCI when I graduate?

Not unless you want to! Your ideas about your career path may be very different after university so we are not imposing any requirements to come and work for us for a period after you graduate.

Am I guaranteed a job when I graduate?

No. However, if there were a suitable vacancy when you graduated you could have an edge over other applicants as you would already have some valuable experience.

Are there any conditions to applying?

Yes. You would need:

  • to have local residential qualifications and be a current Guernsey resident
  • to not be receiving a bursary from any other company at the same time
  • to have, or expected to achieve, good grades at A Level, one of which must be Maths

How do I apply?

You need to complete and return a Bursary Application Form (pdf).

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications for the 2024 Bursary is 31st March 2024.

Further details

For further details about the Bursary Scheme please contact the HR team at