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Mind Sports Challenge 2018

BWCI Group

Join us for the 17th Annual Mind Sports Challenge at Elizabeth College this October half term (29th Oct - 2nd Nov). The event is for students in school years 3 - 10. For further details about the event please see the Guernsey Mind Sports Facebook Page, email Jon at or contact Tony Corfe: 07973 516718. Application form is available for download below.

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Life interests and family trusts

Amber Buckingham

Many individuals will ultimately receive an income which is guaranteed to be payable for the remainder of their life. Most commonly this is in the form of a pension, whether it be an annuity purchased from an insurance company, or a pension payable from a defined benefit pension scheme.

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Brexit Round-Up

Graydon Bennett

It is difficult to avoid discussions of the UK’s impending withdrawal from the EU, and this article must be prefaced with an apology to all readers who feel that they have read more than enough about Brexit over the last 2 years since the results of the referendum were announced. Here we take a different tack, and look at the potential impact of Brexit on insurance companies in countries outside the UK.

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DC schemes - time for a service?

Luke Richards

With the increasing regulatory requirements for Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes, it is easy for trustees to lose sight of one of their key objectives: “Is our scheme providing good member outcomes?”

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Thinking about climate risk yet?

Michelle Galpin

The headlines are dominated currently by recordbreaking temperatures and out of control wildfires in numerous places around the world. Are we now beginning to see the devastating physical effects of climate change on a daily basis?

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