Global Vision, Local Wisdom

Corporate and social responsibility

Guernsey Employers Disability Charter

BWCI have signed up to and are proud recipients of the Guernsey Employer's Disability Charter administered by the Guernsey Employment Trust.

The Guernsey Employment Trust is a charitable organisation which offers a range of employment services to people with disabilities who require some assistance in finding suitable employment. The objective of the Guernsey Employment Trust is to create employment opportunities for disabled people and to assist people with disabilities to prepare, find, and maintain work in Guernsey.

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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Partner

BWCI is pleased to support Rewild Carbon Durrell's wild, colourful and impactful carbon balancing programme.

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BWCI is pleased to have been recognised and gain accreditation of the difera award presented by Liberate a Guernsey registered charity; formed to champion, inform and support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) communities across the Channel Islands.

It followed an extensive survey of both the business and our staff's understanding of the importance of wider gender equality issues. The accreditation was awarded as a demonstration to clients, suppliers and employees (past, present and future) that the organisation places Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Respect and Acceptance at the heart of what they do.

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Environmental Business Operations

BWCI is pleased to have received its Environmental Business Operations Certificate

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BWCI Group sustainability commitment

BWCI pursues its Sustainability Principles throughout all aspects of its operations, as we believe that every business has a part to play in creating a sustainable future. This BWCI Group sustainability commitment has been prepared in that context.

Our climate pledge

The BWCI Group commits to achieving Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030 in line with science based targets.


We will be engaging with everyone in the Group in our efforts to focus on three key areas:

Reducing the Environmental Impact in our Operations and Facilities

We have been leveraging technology to move to digital operations across our business, thus moving to paperless operations wherever it is efficient to do so. We have also reviewed all our facilities and are implementing energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Reducing Business Travel

While we recognise the importance of in person meetings in satisfying client needs, we have invested in virtual meeting alternatives for use where this is more appropriate in order to reduce business travel.

Assisting our clients to consider Environmental, Social and Governance issues

Our consultants advise our clients on a range of ESG issues, including options to invest client assets into investments with better sustainability credentials, recognising the importance of sustainable investment to meeting global net-zero goals.


The BWCI Group has established a Green Group to lead its sustainability initiatives. This Green Group reports directly to BWCI’s Management Group to ensure that the issues are considered at senior management level.

BWCI’s Carbon Footprint will be monitored by the Green Group with an independent assessment by specialist monitoring firm, ESI Monitor. In the future, to the extent that we cannot reduce our Carbon Footprint further, we will offset the residual Carbon Footprint of the Group’s business in order to meet our Climate Pledge.

BWCI is also a Founder Member of the Guernsey Green Forum, a group of leading Guernsey employers which have pledged to collaborate and share knowledge that benefits the local environment and the global community.