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A-Level / Graduate Training Scheme

What the scheme means to you

The BWCI Group’s A-Level/Graduate Trainee Scheme has been specially designed to support either exiting A-Level Students or Graduates in their first exposure to the workplace. Recognising that deciding what you want to do, or what area of finance you want to go into can sometimes be difficult, the scheme provides experience working in up to four separate areas of the company encompassing as wide a range of business areas as possible.

Is it restricted to particular qualifications?

No, all we ask is that you have a Maths A-Level (or equivalent) as our work is primarily based with numbers, but other than that you could have undertaken any other A-Levels and/or degree course.

How long does it go on for?

The programme is designed to last 2 years, utilising each of 4 six month placements. After 2 years if you want to stay with us and we have a vacancy, we will give you a full time permanent job (subject to satisfactory progress).

Do I have to stay with BWCI at the end of 2 years?

No, if you don’t want to stay with us you are free to leave at the end of the 2 year period and we would hope that in that time you have gained sufficient experience to have a greater understanding of what you want to do, and made some lifelong friendships in the meantime.

Is it paid?

Yes, you will be paid at a level commensurate with your qualification and experience. We will also give you healthcare cover and the opportunity to start a pension with us as well as other benefits. If you take on a permanent role with us after 2 years you will be remunerated in accordance with the role you take on, but this will not be less than your original pay and benefits.

So what areas might I expect to work in?

Primarily BWCI offers administration and consultancy services in the area of Employee Benefits and Insurance. We would therefore expect placements in both of our actuarial teams, and fiduciary area– the fourth area will be largely dependent on business needs with consideration given to your own requirements. For example you may wish to work in Compliance, Company Secretarial, Business Support, Accounts, PA/Secretarial; Investment; Island Global Research or Insurance Management.

Are there any conditions to me applying?

Only two - a suitable work permit, and a good grade in A-Level Maths, or Maths related subject or other relevant qualification.

Why should I choose BWCI?

At BWCI we recognise everyone as an individual and we know it can sometimes be tough to decide what career you want to pursue. We have taken on full time employees from summer work experience placements and bursary students, all with various academic backgrounds, all with different strengths. We want to help you decide what’s right for you, and if we’re lucky enough to keep you after the 2 year period we want to support you in a business area where we can see you will thrive. We are a DIFERA and GET accredited employer demonstrating our commitment to diversity in the workplace, and we want you to be a part of that.

When do I start?

This is a rolling programme and we welcome applications at any time.

What next?

For further details about the A-Level/Graduate Trainee Scheme send a message or your CV and covering letter detailing why you wish to apply to the scheme to