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Mark Colton

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Our broad investment knowledge base and our innovative use of analytical tools and software, coupled with a clear communication of our findings, enables us to help our clients to make the right decisions within their chosen balance between investment risk and reward.

We provide a full range of investment advisory services to trustees and sponsors of pension plans, as well as to insurance companies and other financial institutions and charities. These services range from setting appropriate strategic benchmarks to appointing and monitoring investment managers. Our services are tailored to each client's needs, typically starting with an analysis of the client's investment requirements, the development or review of an investment strategy and the preparation of a statement of investment principles.

This leads to the review of potential investment managers, the analysis of their investment philosophy and process, and the construction of a proposed shortlist for interview. We then coordinate the final selection and review the investment management agreement on behalf of the client. On an ongoing basis we monitor investment performance relative to the client's chosen benchmarks.

For defined contribution pension schemes we can also develop lifestyle fund strategies and assist in trustee training and member communication generally.