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Clair Le Poidevin

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BWCI provides a broad range of life and non life insurance services to financial institutions.

Our clients include international life assurance companies and non life insurance companies (with a focus on captive insurance companies). We focus on the strategic issues that affect financial performance and competitive positions. These include the core actuarial functions of reserving advice and certification, as well as broader consultancy issues such as product design and pricing.

Our clients include companies located within the EU and, therefore, subject to Solvency II and also those located in jurisdictions such as Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man which are not subject to Solvency II. We can provide a full actuarial function for those entities within Solvency II and appropriate support under alternative regulatory requirements outside Solvency II.

The statutory actuarial duties for life assurance companies include advice on the long-term business provisions for inclusion in the audited accounts, and on risk management and solvency. We can also assist in the development of a range of products and advise on the capital needs to support such products. This may include projections of the client's future financial position on a range of assumptions, including the effects of changes in new business levels or in expenses, and may extend to general strategic planning.

Our in depth knowledge of international life assurance enables us to provide advice and research on the nature and scope of the markets, both from our own experience and through our Abelica Global network colleagues in other international financial centres.

With our investment consultants, we can advise on investment strategy, including the use of asset liability studies.

Similarly we advise on or verify the technical reserves of non life insurance companies. This may be for regulatory or taxation reasons, or in order to satisfy accounting needs. Whatever the reason, we are able to apply a range of statistical, graphical and economic techniques using advanced analytical tools and software to determine the technical reserves in a rigorous manner, backed by our professional actuarial judgement. We then present our results in clear and non-technical language, often using graphical presentations to help in the understanding of the results. Similarly, we can determine, or verify, premium rates for a captive insurance company. We can also advise on related liability and risk management issues, such as reinsurance strategy.