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Insurance Management

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Gary Tansell

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We provide a full range of insurance management services for Guernsey life insurance companies and branch operations through BWCI Insurance Management Limited, our specialist insurance management company which is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

We provide representative office facilities, including meeting rooms and dedicated telephone lines and email boxes to deal with enquiries from prospective policyholders and intermediaries. If required, we can arrange for automatic switching of telephone and/or email enquiries to a central processing team within the client's Group. We can respond to enquiries and issue illustrations and literature.

We provide underwriting facilities and issue acceptances and policy documents. Thereafter, we maintain policy files, invoice and collect premiums and process surrenders and claims. We can also arrange for the payment of commissions and handle reassurance matters. We can maintain unit records and calculate unit prices of internal unit funds. We can also process fund switches and provide unit statements annually, or as required. We maintain accounting books and records and can prepare management information and reports and accounts as required.

We can provide local directors and company secretarial services, including the provision of a registered office and nominee shareholders, and can arrange Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings. We would prepare and file the returns required under Guernsey company law and insurance law. We can also act as General Representative of an insurance company for regulatory purposes.