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In certain areas of their advice to clients, Advocates need to draw on actuarial advice and some specific examples are described below.

Apportionment of Trust Funds

Trust Funds, often set up under Wills, are a very effective way of sharing the benefit of assets between those who have a life interest and those who have a reversionary interest in the assets. However, circumstances do change, and the continuance of the trust may cease to be viable or appropriate. In such cases the assets need to be split between the holders of the various interests in an equitable manner. We are able to undertake the required actuarial review and report on an equitable division.

Claims for Damages

There are numerous circumstances where an individual may lose the enjoyment of a future income and wish to seek redress through the courts. In these cases it may be necessary to capitalise the lost income for the purpose of the claim or discussions between the parties to achieve a settlement. We are able to prepare a determination of the capital amounts or to review claims made or sums offered. Examples would be the loss of pension rights or loss of employment income following an accident.

Divorce Cases

In these cases there might, typically, be a dispute about the capital sum required to compensate for the loss of the benefit of the other partner’s income or pension benefits. There could also be a dispute about the capital value of an existing income entitlement of one of the parties. In such cases we are able to advise on the impact of the factors affecting the determination of a capital sum or to review figures produced by other advisers.

Expert Witness

In many of these cases our involvement would be confined to a written actuarial report. However, in some cases, we may be required to appear in court in person and we have experience of providing services as an expert witness.

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